Welcome to the Sample MVC Web Application - basic version

This web site is designed as a basic interoduction to GenericServices Framework's CRUD commands by showing them working in an ASP.NET MVC web site. The GenericServices library and this example web site are both open source projects by Jon Smith under the MIT licence.

UPDATE for 2015

Where should I start?

Some notes about what this site is, and is not

This site is about programming, not styling

The site introduces the GenericServices Framework for back-end development.

As much as possible the site uses the standard MVC5 BootStrap style and templates, because the main emphasis is on the back-end code.
I have made the styling as basic as possible, which should make it easier for you to restyle it the way you want it.

Of course I have tried to stop it looking ugly. You can decide whether I succeeded.

The pages are examples, not solutions

The site demos framework commands. The data is irrelevant.

The aim is to show how you can use the GenericServices commands to manipulate data.
I have used fictitious, but credible data classes to do this. Some of the data validation rules are a somewhat bizarre to make a point.

I have tried to make the data interesting. Enjoy.

The pages contain explanations

As well as showing the framework in action it includes links to explanations of the code.

On most pages you will see a Explanation of the code link. It is normally on the right hand side above the data.
This takes you to a page that a) has links to the actual source on GitHub and b) tries to explain how it all hangs together.

Remember, the links to the code on GitHub are always the best documentation.