Tags (Async)

This is a demonstration of GenericServices' database CRUD (Create, Read, Update/Edit and Delete) services done asynchronously, i.e. using Entity Framework 6's Async commands. Async commands are designed to free up the current thread while something outside the web server is running, in this case a database access. This should make the site able to handle more users, but the individual action takes a little bit longer. (See Tags for normal versions of the same commands).

Below you will see a table of Tags which can be manipulated. Tags are really simple so we use the direct GenericServices rather than the DTO GenericServices used for Posts.

However we do use a simple dto in the list to show how many posts use the tag. Also note that a validation check is done inside the EF SaveChanges methed to ensure that the slug is unique.

Create New Tag | Return To PostsAsync Explanation of the code
Name Slug Num Posts Used In